Southland Tramping Club gives F&B's Te Rere a Helping Hand

On Saturday, 12th May, a keen group of Southland Tramping Club members, along with a few Forest & Birders, took on the task of constructing two bridges over the Falls Creek at Te Rere. This was no mean feat, but involved carrying four 6m poles in along a narrow track through regeneration of native shrubs and flax, uphill and down dale, for over 600m. As the last pole was being taken in by early afternoon, it seemed impossible the job could be completed that day. However due to the excellent preplanning by Barry Smith, sure enough as the sun set, the job was done. These two bridges will make the job of predator control maintenance and yellow eyed penguin montioring at Te Rere a much easier task. So a big thank you to Barry, Graeme and their gang for the excellent job done. Also to the Southland Tramping Club who covered the cost of materials for this project.