Another Big Planting Day for Bushy Point, Otatara.

Over 90 people helped plant 1100 local native plants on 11 September 2022. On the previous Friday Otatara Landcare Group committee and helpers put the plants out on-site from Linda and Rays special Bushy Point plants area. On the planting day mist shrouded the site early morning but people and cars filed in from the Bryson Road entrance. Barry gave a welcome and health and safety talk then people split into small groups with planting leaders and headed off to the various planting sites at 10am. As people planted and moved closer to the gathering area, the smell of onions and sausages from the bbq tended by Linda and Cathy came wafting over to the planters. This gave added motivation to get the last remaining plants in and covered by midday!! By then the sun was fully out and made for a glorious day. Barrys organisation of the day was fantastic and just over 1100 plants were planted, adding to the previous 31,000 plants for the site since the year 2000. A new self-guided walk brochure has been made for the site by Cathy Macfie and Helen Duston and is avaiable at the Bryson Road entrance to pick up when you next go for a walk at Bushy Point. Credit: - check the planting day out here for more photos and lots of other good information.