Help NIWA fill in the gaps

NIWA need you help.

They are carrying out an investigation into the riparian planting to find out to provide better guidance to the people and groups undertaking stream restoration. They would like to answer such questions as:

  • Is it better to plant a long thin buffer or a short wide buffer?
  • Do wider streams need wider buffers?
  • Do you get better results from planting around the headwaters or further downstream, and does it matter where you plant first?
  • How long will it take to see improvements in water quality, stream life and native terrestrial plants and animals?

For this we need to know about as many projects as possible – where they are located and a few other details about them. You can help by recording a riparian restoration project in our 5-minute survey. The information you enter will go into our National Riparian Restoration Database. We will explore what makes riparian restoration most effective in the next step.

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